Jewish Food Festival

Brian Robertson

Art Event: Jewish Food Festival

            This art event was very interesting and I was surprised at how much I learned from the Jewish food festival.  When it comes to food I am not very picky and many times I will try new kinds of food often I enjoy it. My family has never been big on cooking complex dishes or anything complicated so it was nice to see how others prepare their food.  This festival made me realize how other food such as Jewish food differ so much from the typical  American food that are so common in today’s society.  Coming away from this event it definitely gave me a different side of food that I was not uses to, tasting different spices and flavors that I would not normally come across.  I do not think that this will really influence my work to much because I still would rather eat the foods I do.  When it comes to foods you have never tried it is hard to pick out what is a flaw and what is something you just do not like because everything in the food world is so subjective.  I definitely have much more respect for Jewish food, probably because I have never even tried it before, but I did enjoy this art event very much and am glad that I participated in trying new and different foods.  Overall I would highly recommend this event to a friend because even if you do not like Jewish food it is still good to learn about other people and their cultures and realize that other people have much more different ways of living and eating that you do.

Art Event: Rite of Spring

Brian Robertson

Art Event: CSUSM Rite of Spring

May 3rd

The Right of Spring was in the Art building in room 111 in the main performance room. This event was very interesting and I would say that even though I am not a huge fan of dance and theatre I still enjoyed this play. Right from the beginning the stage and performers captures the audience’s attention with unique costumes and very different color backdrops and stage designs. 2. Coming away from this play I think I took a much better understanding of theatre and performance because it has been so long since I have actually went to a play I just remember them being extremely confusing and hard to understand. 3. I really enjoyed the color scheme they used for the play such as earth tones and darker colors, I definitely think that this could influence my work because I would like to try and use the same color patterns as they did. 4. After watching how in sync each one of the performers were I can definitely say that I see dancing in a different way just because I realized how hard it must have been to plan and practice each move and it was clear that the performance had been rehearsed many different times. 5. Overall the play went extremely well there were only a few times when the dancers were off sync but it was only for a second and was barely noticeable. 6. I think there is no better example of discipline than in a performance like this where the only think holding the play together is the discipline of each performer as far as people behind the scenes as well. 7. I would say my level of respect has increased tremendously because I never really realized how many people it took and how hard each one of them had to practice in order to put on a production like the Rite of Spring. Overall I am very glad I attended this art event and although it might have not been the most practical play I still think that others would enjoy seeing the Rite of Spring and it definitely depicts a different style of dancing than of that we are used to seeing.

Art Event: Piano concert

Brian Robertson

Art Event: Ching-Ming Piano Concert

Tuesday, Feb 26th

            I had the honor of attending this concert in arts building 111 after one of my classes ended and I was extremely impressed with the amount of talent professor Ching-Ming brought to the stage.  First off I have never been to a piano concert so I was not really sure of what to expect or what she was going to play.  The room was dark with a single light on professor Ching-Ming and right from the start the sound of her piano filled the room.  I have never seen anyone play as fast and as precise as she did and it was very impressive to actually see someone play the classical melodies that I was familiar with.  The number one thing I will remember about this art event is how beautiful the piano sounded and just the entire atmosphere of the show.  This concert will hopefully influence my work because after attending the show it has inspired me to practice and play more piano. Even though I am just a novice pianist I really hope I can continue to get better and watching Ching-Ming has definitely re-sparked my interest in the piano.  My view on professor Ching-Ming has dramatically changed as far as my respect level for her.  I did not hear any kind of flaw or mess up on her part but I am sure that even if she did I would not be able to tell because my listening level is not that advanced.  I think that musicians like Ching-Ming are very underappreciated and respected in today’s world of music; people can easily recreate a piano sympathy through a computer without even touching a piano.  It is really sad that more people are not interested or even aware of piano concerts like this one and most people my age would never even give it a chance.  Overall this art event was extremely powerful and I will always remember the fast and slow paced beautiful melodies that careful crafted and played.  


Art Event Museum of Art

Brian Robertson

Art Event: San Diego Museum of Art

March 15th

            On March 15th I visited the San Diego Music of Art located in balboa park.  The museum itself is located inside a very large building with multiple different stories and many different rooms all shapes and sizes.  There was art everywhere you looked at each room was sectioned off into different types of arts.  I spent a couple hours looking at all of the art and it was really amazing to see what people can do. Coming away from the San Diego Museum of Art I have took a lot with me.  The most memorable painting I saw was one by Ellsworth Kelly that was very minimal and only had 3 different colors that were each a different shape.  I think this stuck with me so much because I consider myself to be a minimalist sometimes and the fact that his piece was so powerful using such little really gives me hope that my work can one day be appreciated.  I definitely think that his work will influence mine because before I was hesitant to make minimalist art but now I feel more comfortable and inspired to create such things.  One piece of art involved just a couple different lights and walls to create a unique atmosphere and that definitely changed my perspective on what art is or can be.  As far as flaws go it was extremely hard to notice any imperfection in that entire museum but that is probably because each art piece was carefully selected to be on exhibit.  After viewing all of the art in this museum that was not a painting or sculpture it really made me realize that art it moving in so many different ways and using a medium other than oil and canvas.  My respect level for art and artist in general has grown so much more after visiting the museum.  I was never an art enthusiast but I think that even if you do not completely appreciate art you should still take a visit to this music and visit some of the exhibits because it just might change how you see or feel about specific things.

Art Event: Jazz Ensemble

Brian Robertson

Art Event: Jazz Ensemble

April 30th

            Out of all the art events this was by far my favorite not only because I had a couple of friends that were playing in it but also I am a huge music fan as well as a musician.  It took place in arts building 111 at 7pm and the best part about the performance was that sound was phenomenal.  The acoustics in the room were perfect and the levels of each musician were also perfectly matched to one another.  The concert went on for about an hour and a half and not one moment was dull.  Many pieces featured a particular musician doing a solo or the entire ensemble all playing in a groovy harmony.  Coming away from this art event I took many different things with me, the first being that I want to learn how to play more jazz.  The hardest part about playing jazz is getting the timing and keys down but after watching this concert I feel much more determined to learn.  If anything from this concert affects or influences my work it would definitely be the drummer and his style.  Many times he would resort to a samba style drumming technique that really carried the entire band creating a fast upbeat tempo and after hearing it I will try and incorporate it into my playing style.  I feel different about jazz and jazz bands but only because I have come to the realization that it is much harder than I originally thought it to be.  During a few of the songs there were a few flaws in the performance, some of the players got out of sync with the rest of went into the wrong key but other than a few minor errors the performance overall was almost flawless.  The saxophone has a much larger role in jazz than I realized because in almost every single song the sax player was carrying the band and the tempo of the song.  I have so much more respect now for jazz players in general and more importantly my friends in the jazz band because the really proved that they are accomplished musicians and can play successfully in a jazz ensemble.     


Art Event: Helvetica

Brian Robertson

Art Event: Helvetica

            At the beginning of the semester we were shown a movie called Helvetica that was about the font Helvetica and how often it is used. The movie went on to explain how and why it is used and how much it surrounds us without anyone even noticing it.  I really enjoyed this movie because it was such an eye opened to me on how important text and fonts really are and how serious they can affect something.  It never occurred to me that there were people whose jobs are solely based on typography.   I can honestly say that after watching this movie I really do see font and text in a different way, and I definitely have been noticing how often Helvetica is used. Even driving down the street in my own town I take much more notice to the different fonts that are used, from stores to street signs I have become completely aware of the different type around me.  This film will and has already influenced my work that I have been doing, before watching this movie I hardly cared about typography or what font I used, I rarely gave it a second thought.  I have noticed that I have been paying much more attention to the text I use and not only the placement but everything about it.  I must admit after watching this film I have grown very fond of the Helvetica font and have been using it much more, the only thing that worries me is that it is used too much. One of the graphic artists in the movie goes off on a tangent about how Helvetica is a terrible font and has bad taste but I think that it looks very nice and professional and will continue to use it further in my work.  I have so much more respect for typographers now because before I did not even know they existed.  They must have been doing a pretty good job because their work has been so subtle that for the past 5 years I did not know the importance of type.  I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is serious about going into graphics art or any kind of design because it really raises the awareness of how type is important and can be used in so many different ways.       

Art Event: El Norte

Brian Robertson

Art Event: El Norte

March 22nd

            This art event was a screening of the movie El Norte.  This movie has many different themes and morals throughout the storyline and is extremely relevant to some of the controversial topics that we are facing today.  The movie follows two siblings, Enrique and Rosa as they flee their hometown in Mexico in search for a better life.  The movie is called El Norte because they head north for the United States but this task was much harder than they had first predicted.  As they cross the border the face many different obstacles but finally manage to get into the United States.   They start to realize that their dream of prosperity and fortune is out of reach and they begin to work low end jobs just to maintain the bare minimum.  Eventually Rosa dies from a sickness and Enrique realizes that there is really no home for him.  Coming away from this film I took the perspective of immigrants coming into this country and how difficult their lives can really be.  I am not quite sure how this film will have an impact on my own work as far as content goes but there were some good camera angles and different shots that I would like to try in some of my videos.  This film helped me see immigration in a different perspective because it really took you in the shoes of someone fighting for their life and trying to make something better for them self.  I think many times people do not know how serious immigration is and how lucky we have it in our lives, we take all the same things like running water and a place to sleep for granted while others are risking their lives for the same things.  People would have a much better understanding of how hard it can be to try and make it in America with nothing in your pocket if they saw this film and I think it is a very important historical film that portrays a very serious and true issue.